Integrated water and environmental management, Land use change, Climate change, Ecosystem services

Based on the interaction of databases, GIS, programming and our technical know how, we bring methodologies into practice, refering to the wide range of environmental analysis and the ecosystem services concept:

  • Water balance modelling
  • Daily based simulation of soil water fluxes
  • Modelling of evapotranspiration (e.g. FAO-ET0, FAO-ETc)
  • Simulation of groundwater residence time (Darcy)
  • Simulation of retention rates of sediments and nutrients in surface waters
  • Simulation of soil losses (USLE, M-USLE) and sediment fluxes
  • Simulation of dissolved and particulate phosphorus and nitrogen input in seepage water, groundwater and surface waters
  • Simulation of mitigation options to reduce sediment and nutrient inputs
  • GIS based analyses of topography
  • Digital remote sensing
  • Digital soil mapping and soil information systems
  • Multivariate geo-statistical analyses